March 20, 2013

~#005 Wordless Wednesday~

Received an email from my girl friend,
 attached with this errr so-called equation....

p/s: this equation definitely was created by a man !!

March 18, 2013

~Yippee Horray !!~

"Dont count the days. Make the days count"

I've tried very hard but it is not working out for me. When it goes to hal-hal bercuti dan balik kampung ni, aku lah orang yang paling teruja. I'm starting to count the days since the moment of our air tickets were officially bought last month !! Mengalahkan anak-anak ha ha ha...  :D

Dalam hati dah lama menari riang mcm ni haaa .... :P

Yessss, the three of us (me, Raqib and Adik) are leaving to Bintulu this Saturday for spending the one-week school holiday with our family in Sarawak yeaaayy....incik hubby? mungkin akan menyusul jika masa dan keadaan mengizinkan :) It's not a big deal. Yang penting... kami balik kampung !!! Quite some time juga lar tak balik since Hari Raya Aidilfitri last year ? Patut lar dah rindu sangat rasanya ni ha ha ha......

Family + Home = Blessing :)

Till next entry....

p/s: mood kerja dan belajar pun dah ke laut, yang ada cuma mood packing  ... :P

March 8, 2013

~ How Old Are You ? ~

Guess what I found today? 
  An online quiz that would reveal our true age on the inside !!! ehehe dah tak de keja kan? I suka, sukaaaa sangat  :)
Do you wanna know what my true age is? jeng, jeng, jeng......... 21 YEARS OLD !!!  18 tahun lebih muda dari usia sebenar? Awwww I'm so flattered...(dalam hati berbunga-bunga ni. Perasan? ada sikit laarr ) ha ha ha :P

What's Your True Age?

21 Years Old

You're 21 years old! You have broken free from your childhood and made your way into the adult world. Now that you can legally drink, you love going out and partying with your friends! You're still young enough to cut loose, but you're starting to get more responsibilities with work and relationships that have helped you mature. You just want to have a good time and enjoy your new found freedom!
5.3% of people that have taken this quiz have achieved this result.

(oppss... I don't drunk and I don't partying. A big NO !!)

Wanna try? Just click the above link
p/s: The most wasted of all days is one without laughter....cheers!!  


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