January 23, 2013

~ A Change of Skin....Again?? ~

Have I ever mentioned  that I'm kinda a person who's easily get bored of anything? ha ha ha NO lah, not EVERYTHING ok. A bit of exaggerating  here. Actually, it goes to anything excluding my family members (love them forever) that look always the same for such a long time. Sound bad, eh? Yeaa.., I admit it. That's one of my bad side *sigh*

That's why I change the look of my blog (again!!) because the old one has bored me to death urrghh. Besides, I'm still in the new year mood. Well, guyss..it is new year!!  Something has to be new, right??? Just gimme a break ha ha ha.. 

So, that's it. A new skin of my blog!! Taadaaa... how is the new look ? Like it, or hate it?? Just let me know....

Chameleon uses different skin colors to hide.... I'm not!!! he he he
There is an inspiring quote:
“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” 
–Jim Rohn

January 16, 2013

~ OKT ~

 A friend of mine showed me this cartoon and it is hilarious !! :D

p/s: OKT - Orang Kena Tuduh (accused person)


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